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The meaning of om shreem hreem mantrais a one-syllable sound known as a bija, or "seed," mantra. It is the bija mantra of Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity. Shreem is also associated with the third-eye chakra, and is believed to be a divine sound that can connect the practitioner to universal consciousness. check the link of YouTube Video Link:

Om Shreem Hreem - Official IndiaJiva version - YouTube

A Mantra to Remove Obstacles and help guide us on the path to Enlightenment. Visuals created by IndiaJiva, featuring images from Varanasi, Rishikesh and the...

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Most people think of meditation guide, they think of the first example above: being guided through some kind of story or scenery in their imaginations. This is often the easiest method of meditation because it helps us stay engaged. For more details please check the link: https://www.humanspiritual...

Delta Airlines Vouchers For Cancelled Flights

There is no doubt that Delta airlines always work for the needs and preference of the passengers and provide services accordingly. An unwanted situation does not allow you to board the flight, and hence, you need to cancel the flight ticket. In this situation, if you cancel the delta flight ticket, you will receive the delta voucher immediately at your delta account. for further information or any information about Delta Airlines Vouchers For Cancelled Flights, please contact 1-802-432-2552 or visit our websites.

I had recently cleared all the rounds in #TCS and accepted the salary break-up. Again I am getting calls from TCS for the technical rounds. Did anyone face this issue in the TCS interview? What should I do in this case?

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